About Me

4 years of experience in back-end and front-end engineering. I love programming, writing, speaking, traveling, and lifting heavy things. I also the co-founder of MIMAXGroup, a group that provides IT solutions as a Service. Experience of Web development and dedicated to building and optimizing the performance of user-centric, high-impact web projects, applications for global companies, personal customers. Leverage technical, analytical and problem-solving skills to create dynamic, high-speed websites, apps and platforms fueling competitive advantage and revenue growth. An experienced web development, database management and service applications. I write a lot of tests for all my logic to make sure everything is in place. Learning new and innovative solutions for current requirements in the world of IT.


Co-Founder, Software Engineer

2014 - Present

Led development of a new back-end for customers, companies in the technology and entertainment industry.

  • Bootstrapped, developed and led most of the decisions throughout the project. Configured the CI/CD pipeline.
  • Convinced the upper management to let the team use best available tools (e.g. TypeScript, React with Hooks, automatic accessibility/visual/unit tests).
  • Actively helped manage, estimate and scope out the project.

Back-End Developer

2019 - 2020

Worked on a Back-end developer.

  • Developed and released a cross-platform web service applications. (in Yii (PHP) Framework for back-end and React/Redux for front-end)
  • Helped migrate the old back-end system (written in Delphi) from a monolith to separate umbrella apps based on an event-driven architecture.


2016 - 2019
Linkedin, Freelancer.ru, Upwork...

Worked on a Back-end and Front-end development.

  • Developed and released a cross-platform web service applications for customers.


I am using latest technology of development industry.

  • Back-end: PHP, C# (MVC, WinForms, WPF), node.js, SQL databases (MSSQL, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB), in-memory databases (Redis), microservice and event-based architectures. Designed and maintained several web app backends.
  • Front-end: JavaScript, TypeScript, React (with Hooks), Vue, Redux, JQuery, Ajax and webpacks...
  • DevOps: configured and maintained web servers through AWS, Docker, Chef, SSH. Knowledge of whole AWS stack and experienced in configuring it.
  • Attentive to UI/UX details and high code quality. Fan of unit tests, functional programming, typed interfaces, and DDD.
  • Can help in or take over: project management, estimation and ownership, tech recruitment, client negotiations.
  • Used to participate in algorithm programming competitions.
  • Server Configuration: Ubuntu/Cent OS, can install and configuring servers for production.
  • Open to evolving in: Python, R, Java, and many else.

Technologies & Tools

I am using latest technology of development industry.

Database Management - - MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, MongoDB databases. DBforge, SSMS...
Back-End Development - - PHP (Laravel 5.x, 7.x, Yii), NodeJS, C# (WinForms, WPF), .Net and .Net Core 3 technologies, Visual Studio, VSCode, Sublime Text, PHPStorm
Front-End Development - Bootstrap framework, React/Redux, Vue, Ajax, JQuery, ESLint, JS libraries...